Nepal TV News Channel Spread Misinformation Against India

By angsuman, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Neha Khera wrote: Dear sir/ madam, I cannot believe what I just saw. My daily entertainment dose turned into a nasty period when I saw something that really hurts my Indian sentiments. I am an indian girl who resides here in Kathmandu, Nepal. A local news channel called Atv also known as avenues televison showed something so nasty that I am completely shocked. I did not know where to get in touch with the Indian media so I am writing this mail hoping it will grab your attention. Nepal is very proud of the fact that Budhha was born here in nepal. Okay agreed but now this channel is abusing India, the indian govenment of making a fake kapilavastu in India. They say that India only pretends to be a friendly nation but in real is back stabbing us. They are showing clips from the movie chandani chowk to china in which apparently there is some proof that India is trying to create a fake history by claiming that Budhha was born there and not in Nepal. They say that lies if told 1000 times becomes a truth. Oh god sir/ madam you have to see it. I have alwyas believed and known that yes Sidhharth was born in lumbini but he gained enlightment in Bodhgaya, India. These crazy senseless nepali people will never get that. And after all that India has done for this place. What do they want? A war with India? If that happens ever I am sure this poor country will be of no value. Not worth even a penny. I am so mad. More then 60% of the business is being run because of the Indians residing here. We never ever discriminate but we all Indians inside know that we are not treated as own in this shithole. I am sorry for the abusive language but I am so mad. Please take a look on this programme called “khabar mitra khabar” on atv and take heed on how insulting it is. Please take some action Indian media. Sue the crazy channel, the crazy host. please do something! p.s. cant reveal my real identity atleast till I stay here. I wont be alive the next day! Nepalis believe in only one thing VIOLENCE.


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appurva sharma
September 14, 2010: 12:56 am

Well neha I’m very glad that you are residing in Katmandu and you are kind of aware about the news happening. But i would like to say that you are spreading wrong information about Nepal. You said Nepali believe in violence. So have you ever seen any Nepal killing an Indian or violating an indian? .there’s a big story happening in Nepal, the counselor of the Indian embassy of Nepal subrat sth threatened to kill a constituent assembly member of Nepal. is it fair? not only that the Indian police are always harassing the poor nepalis in border areas.again is it fair? Indian police is been killing many Nepali people in border cities like birgunj and nepalgunj. What do you have to say about that? and also looking at your history you people are always fighting for the territory with china and Pakistan. now aren’t you ashamed to claim Nepali territory. we being Nepali we are proud to be a sovergin nation but still we don’t want indian interference.the indian ambassador rakesh sud is also interfering in many nepali issues. the real fruit drink when it was proven that its unsafe to drink. then the Indian embassy released a press statement. if we see real fruit juice is unsafe, why the fuck rakesh sud released the press statement threatening the nepali media? is India always un aware of press freedom? Ok we now come to the point of Gautam Buddha. ok we are not unaware about the facts of bodhgaya but provoking nepalis by telling buddha was born in nepal its really embarrassing part for Indian press. you can find many links that Indian people claiming buddha to be born in india.I honestly also reveal a fact that a Indian book recently made a correction that there was a printing mistake about Gautam Buddha was born in India and mount everest is in india.i dont understand why the indians pretend to be so unaware about these facts.And the most accusing part is indians keep on doing these mistakes.there is also a fact about a dam whis india is constructing in nepali border whisch is against the int’l rules for the border.There is a long list of things india has done to nepal,in which only the nepali are supressed.It is very acusing that india wants to build a airforce base camp in nepal.and there are lot of scenes in the border areas where nepali border are affected and nepalis are supressed so that we cant raise a voice.the harms done by india to nepal is 1001 times greater than harm done by nepal to india.then comes the problem with bhutan.the indian government has the strongest interference in the Bhutanese government. they have control over the bhutanese security and bhutanese foreign government. what is this? Because of monarchy in bhutan people cant speak against the government. this is India, yes it is incredible not the beauty bt in the interference and violence. because of Indian interference in bhutan nepal is facing the refugee problem of Bhutanese refugee. and of course because of these crisis nepalis hate Indians. we didn’t hated u from the past, but you people made us to hate you. on the contrary Indians are hated because of themselves, not by the ethics. Thankyou

September 13, 2010: 6:23 pm

Neha Khera or who ever you are what about the shit they show on indiatv I once actually saw the show that clearly said gautam budhha was born in india I negleted it coz most of the things on that show is crap and once it also showed that mount everest lies in india holy crap how the fuck does it lie in india??? it’s between nepal and china border for the god damn sake. So u c tit for tat thats all no offense here and don’t be a racist bastard not everyone here is violent.

September 13, 2010: 11:51 am

watch before you write girl.

June 5, 2010: 9:49 am

Namaste from a NEPALI!!
I totally understand your sentiments, but let me tell ya sth.Nepalese feel exactly the same way when India spreads rumors all over the world trying to distort facts. It is definitely the fault of the Indian government’s curriculum in India that has been teaching the students things like-”Nepal is part of India,” “Buddha was born in Nepal” and what not.Coz people will learn whatever they are taught at school.I am saying this based on my numerous experiences having encountered many Indian here in the US who do not know the fact that for god’s sake “Nepal is not part of India” and they are so stubborn about it.It makes me so frustrated, just the way you are right now.Any ways,long story short- Your derogatory comments on Nepal and Nepalese,”These crazy senseless nepali people will never get that. And after all that India has done for this place. What do they want? A war with India? If that happens ever I am sure this poor country will be of no value. Not worth even a penny.” deserves the deepest disgust. I am surprised-how can someone live in a place, and still spell such lowly remarks for the land that raises u and nourishes u.Very ungrateful!!Truly sad and pathetic!!Let me tell you something friend-Don’t expect to be treated well by others while you are treating them the worst. If India had not done spread all that false information all over the world, then the Nepalese would not have done this.I am sure if Nepal and NEpalese were to stay quiet on the matter and let India spread “Buddha was born in India and Nepal is part of India”, then Indians would have no problem at all.But u know things change,once the patriotism of Indians was able to dethrow the British rule. Like Indians, Nepal also has full rights and sovereignty to claim for anything associated to her pride. Nepal gets help from India so what? Does not India get help from other countries like UK, USA, u name it?So, based on this if UK claims Taj Mahal is in India or India is part of UK, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?????Would you not be outraged to death????So, don’t be surprised at what Nepal marching on to claim the pride and spread the fact”Buddha was born in Nepal.”I am not saying Nepalese should walk around insulting the residing Indians, but at the same time all these things happen. Furthermore, Indians also treat Nepalese as crap in India,Don;t they?I am not trying to advocate Indians and Nepalese to hate each other Coz I don;t like all of that too. But instead of pointing fingers toward Nepalese only, u should look at both side of the coin. So, instead of making useless comments on Nepalese, something worth doing would have been trying to calm people down and preaching the lessons of one’s freedom and patriotism that doesnot hurt that of others. I don;t want to leave any derogatory remarks for Indians and India as you did on us because I don;t like spurring new arguments over a topic, but please next time whenever you write something like this please think about the pros and cons and first analyze the whole scenario.Hope I made my concern clear.
Jai Nepal and god bless the world!!

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