Neha Khera wrote: Dear sir/ madam, I cannot believe what I just saw. My daily entertainment dose turned into a nasty period when I saw something that really hurts my Indian sentiments. I am an indian girl who resides here in Kathmandu, Nepal. A local news channel called Atv also known as avenues televison showed something so nasty that I am completely shocked. I did not know where to get in touch with the Indian media so I am writing this mail hoping it will grab your attention. Nepal is very proud of the fact that Budhha was born here in nepal. Okay agreed but now this channel is abusing India, the indian govenment of making a fake kapilavastu in India. They say that India only pretends to be a friendly nation but in real is back stabbing us. They are showing clips from the movie chandani chowk to china in which apparently there is some proof that India is trying to create a fake history by claiming that Budhha was born there and not in Nepal. They say that lies if told 1000 times becomes a truth. Oh god sir/ madam you have to see it. I have alwyas believed and known that yes Sidhharth was born in lumbini but he gained enlightment in Bodhgaya, India. These crazy senseless nepali people will never get that. And after all that India has done for this place. What do they want? A war with India? If that happens ever I am sure this poor country will be of no value. Not worth even a penny. I am so mad. More then 60% of the business is being run because of the Indians residing here. We never ever discriminate but we all Indians inside know that we are not treated as own in this shithole. I am sorry for the abusive language but I am so mad. Please take a look on this programme called "khabar mitra khabar" on atv and take heed on how insulting it is. Please take some action Indian media. Sue the crazy channel, the crazy host. please do something! p.s. cant reveal my real identity atleast till I stay here. I wont be alive the next day! Nepalis believe in only one thing VIOLENCE.
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